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Easykey was designed to speed up your input, to improve your accuracy and to make typing less of a chore. It does this by placing the most commonly used half of the alphabet on a primary layer, to minimize finger movement, and matching secondary letters to primary letters.

EasyKey Products Latest Release - EasyKeyB

EasyKeyB has downswipes for each shift on the four columns in addition to shift buttons below each column.


Secondary letters may be inputted by double tapping or going into secondary mode. EasyKeyB also has enhanced Backspace capability that varies by row: delete one space via first row, delete two spaces via second row, delete three spaces via third row, delete four spaces via fourth row; and ten times those amounts with a backswipe hold. Similarly "swipe right hold" will enter 10, 20, 30 or 40 spaces depending which row is swiped.


Primary Letters

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Half the alphabet used 85% of the time. Arranged to reduce finger movement.

Secondary Letters

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Secondary letters are matched to primary letters based on frequent pairings and similar shape.


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Diagonal Swipes

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With EasyKey you can familiarize yourself with alphanumeric characters in a few minutes.

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